November 15th, 2007


Caligula report

Jen-san was able to watch Caligula a few days ago. She wrote a report about it in her blog:

You'll get to read how an amazing stage actor Shun is >_< ! Well, that is a fact. This is the second time i've read people comment that Shun is a better actor on stage than on dramas (seeing him live on stage, that is).

If he can make us go 'wow' on his dramas, i wonder what more if we ever see him live on stage ^_^



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edit: sorry, i didn't realize not everyone can access it, so i all ready posted it under the cut ^_^; i did ask Jen-san for permission ^_^ again, gomen ne...

On another note, Caligula got a standing ovation at the end! Actor Sato Ryuki wrote about it on his blog, thanks once again to Jen-san for that information/translation (which can also be found on her blog) ^_^
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The newest issue of FRIDAY magazine reports that actor Shun Oguri and actress Yu Kashii may be romantically involved. According to the article, the two were seen on a late-night date in a Tokyo park in early October, and earlier this month Kashii spent a night at Oguri's apartment.

Oguri and Kashii appear together in the second "Detective Conan" drama special, which is scheduled to air around the end of this year.

Kashii's agency has denied that they are dating.