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Caligula report

Jen-san was able to watch Caligula a few days ago. She wrote a report about it in her blog:

You'll get to read how an amazing stage actor Shun is >_< ! Well, that is a fact. This is the second time i've read people comment that Shun is a better actor on stage than on dramas (seeing him live on stage, that is).

If he can make us go 'wow' on his dramas, i wonder what more if we ever see him live on stage ^_^



Short note on the storyline: Set in ancient Rome, King Karigura lost his only sister through torture (rape etc) by close relatives. After this incident, Karigura started to become rather philosophical about life, in a BAD/CYNICAL way. Is killing someone really BAD? Won't it be a GOOD thing for that person? What is right and what is wrong? Because of all these thoughts, Karigura went into some sort of "madness".... Torturing his close royalties with his sudden whimps and crazy ideas... Killing them whenever he likes it.... His mood changes very quickly, a minute he can he laughing, another he can be crying.... All the royalties were very afraid of him and didn't dare to defy Karigura, except for one very smart and calm man called Keria. With Keria's leadership, there was an uprise against the King and finally, Karigura was killed with many stabs from all the royals. All throughout his reign, there was only 3 persons who understood and loved Karigura despite everything. Katsuchi Ryo's role of Shipion (a poet whose dad was killed by Karigura YET he loves Karigura, a little GAY thing here), an older woman called Sezonia who loves Karigura like a son yet like a lover, and a very intelligent royal family member called Erikon. Shipion left Karigura to find his TRUTH, Sezonia was killed by Karigura's own hands, and Erikon died protecting Karigura. Very sad and INTENSE storyline.

Here goes my comment:

(1) When Shun first came out, he wore this long white coat over long pants + boots. I've not expected this. Shun in real person looks DARN kakkoii coz he is TALL and eyes very big. Immediately you feel his STAGE PRESENCE. No way will you get distracted while Shun in on stage. I am not exaggerating. This guy REALLY can command your attention. I think many people will fall in love with Shun at first sight. His height, his build (muscular now) and his INTENSE eyes.

(2) The entire story was heavy, with LIFE/DEATH/RIGHT/WRONG as themes so some may get bored in the midst of this play. BUT, not me. I LOVE themes like philosophy so was really paying attention and watching HARD. Acting of the casts were REALLY good.... Many of those royalties are done by veteran stage actors you can tell by their voices. They were also entertaining.

(3) Shun's acting. You see a VERY different actor from dramas. Shun's voice was first of all very different. The projection etc is good and I'm impressed. THIS IS A VERY DIFFICULT ROLE to play, because one minute you have to cry another minute laugh. Since Shun's Karigura is seen as a MAD King (although I don't agree) after his sister died, the UPs and DOWNs of his emotions are very difficult to portray. Shun was VERY impressive in this..... One minute you see him jumping here and there very ANGRY, AGGRESSIVE, wanting to hit out to others, raping his own royalty's wife with an evil grin on his face. Another minute he turned really quiet, didn't want to look at anyone in the eyes, body all curled up like in pain. His small actions were also interesting. Scenes with him shaking his hands/legs from extreme emotions within him but because his face was buried close to his body (curled up) he used such actions to depict emotions. The now very famous almost nude scenes with Shun just having one piece of cloth covering his vital parts, VERY erotic I must say. I love ONE particular scene. Shun's Karigura was in his room all full of mirrors (you will see this in one photo below) and he suddenly turned to the mirrors and started SCOLDING himself, emotions very highly charged here. From the audience, you see the HUGE impact with the use of such mirrors. It's almost like YOU as the audience are MAD too and you see a LOT of yourselves all over the room because of the mirrors, making you even more MAD and CRAZY. In a stage production, such effects are really essential and important, I feel. Overall, I am totally impressed with Shun's performance. No wonder Ninagawa LOOKED for something to suit Shun, not the other way round. He wants to use Shun in his stage plays a lot because of Shun's ability to STANDOUT on stage and make an impact. Given a chance, I will want to watch Shun in stage plays again!

(4) Ninagawa was sitting at the back of the audience looking upon the stage from afar. He looks just like on TV ne. I was trying hard to see if anyone we know came for the play but no one made any commotion so I supposed not.....

(5) Katsuchi Ryo (a close friend of Shun and Kazu) did quite well, depicting the quiet, sensitive, kind and gentle poet. Very big contrast to Shun's Karigura. He is the only person Karigura seems to love too. As Shun said in the pamphlet interview, this story is more about relationships among men although there is one woman in the story.

edit: sorry, i didn't realize not everyone can access it, so i all ready posted it under the cut ^_^; i did ask Jen-san for permission ^_^ again, gomen ne...

On another note, Caligula got a standing ovation at the end! Actor Sato Ryuki wrote about it on his blog, thanks once again to Jen-san for that information/translation (which can also be found on her blog) ^_^
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