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Full Translation of Interview from Junon Dec

Here is the full translation of the interview of F3 (without matsumoto jun)... thanks to Rararoo for taking photos of it so i can read it clearly!

Q: During the shooting, who in F4 do you think was the most active?

Shun: It should be Matsumoto Jun! But in fact, none of us are very noisy. Shota and Abe are still young, but they are actually very mature. Speaking of Jun, i think that he matured a lot. When filming Gokusen with him, he was still a little kid (Laugh), but now he knows how to take care of people around him and he is very serious about acting. In the filming process, I think Jun is very reliable and should be followed.

Shota: I feel that everyone participated around the same level. It's just that im one of those people who can't wake up in the morning. If there is filming in the morning, i have to make myself chatter with my manager or other people. This way i can be awake and ready.

Abe: Ahh.. i think Jun or Shota~ Sometimes during the break, I will translate the lines in the script into chinese and then read it over randomly. And Shota will translate it into english. Then we realize that one of us is speaking in chinese and the other in english randomly saying things. Neither of us understand what the other person is saying and end up laughing. (Laugh)

Q: In the role as a wealthy person, what made you feel tiring or made you have to watch out?

Shun: Actually, i think it was very tiring from head to toe. (Laugh) Not even being a wealthy person, but to act like Hanazawa rui, a person who can't be interpreted through common sense and like a mystery. It isn't very likely to have a person like that in reality! So, when first trying interpret his character, i was really troubled already. But luckily, the original author's words gave me a direction of understanding Rui. When she came to the set, i asked her "How did you create Hanazawa Rui's character?" and she answered, "when drawing Rui, i wasn't thinking." (Laugh) In other words, he is an emotional, or grew up under certain circumstances. I thought, since he is like that, i shouldn't think too complicated and act him according to the emotions that occur.

Shota: Overall, i thought it was difficult to understand Nishikado Sojiro's character. Especially when he gives off an aura of high class and good taste. This aura/feeling he gives off is a special result of a certain type of growing environment and not able to be made up through imagination. Also, to show his superb skills in making tea, i had special training on the set on how to do it properly. I guess it sorta worked out okay but the bitter taste of the tea, i really don't like it too much. (Laugh)

Abe: when talking about tiring, it should be the way the wealthy talk and act. This is a completely new experience for me. When filming, it was hard to not show the poor people attitude for me. (laugh) But now everytime we start filming, i have to tell myself, "You are a wealthy person who grew eating with golden spoons" (laugh)

Q: If in your own school, there were people who were like F4, how would you try to get along with them?

Shun: I would never go near them, and wouldn't even want to become friends with them. They didn't use their own ability to earn money, only rely on their parents power and goes around in school creating havoc. I hate this type of people. (Laugh) Furthermore, to go against people like that is actually kinda scary. Don't try to start any troubles with these people. If i became their new target, i would probably transfer out of that school as fast as i could. (laugh)

Shota: People who are proud of being in a wealthy family and starting troubles in the school are of course very detesting! Even if it was not money-related, this type of people are too annoying. Basically to these people, "If i like it, why can't i do what every i want!" If they started trouble with me, i would probably bravely go against them just like Tsukushi-chan.

Abe: If i weren't friends with them, i would stay far away from them. If i became friends with them, maybe there would be some benefits but this kind of attitude is despicable. And so, i would probably just stay away from them. (Laugh) Ever since i was a student, i wasn't the type of person to show off and didn't deal well with conflict between people.

Q: Surrounded by many extravagant and expensive props, which backgrounds or props shocked you?

Shun: The mansions in HYD were actually all rented places for wedding pictures. The level of extravagance was incredible! Especially Shizuka-chan's house, it is situated in a suburb area near Tokyo and is a place for weddings. It gave off the wealthiness and extravagance that were needed. Also, no matter who's house it was, you didn't have to take off your shoes. This was a little bit shocking for me. (Laugh)

Shota: Doumyoji's house! When filming, the set was giving off the essence of British culture. Not only was the room extravagant, there was a swimming pool too. Also, another thing that shocked me was in the first episode, the expensive cars that were lining up outside the school. There were so many 30000000 yen imported cars at the same time! This made me wonder whre on earth did they get all these cars?!?! (Laugh)

Abe: I also thought that the scene in the first episode with the expensive cars gave me a big shock. Also, Doumyoji's house's rooms were so beautiful. If seen on tv, you would definitely be so shocked you couldn't close your mouth!

Q: Tsukushi-chan is like a strong weed. Personally, do you like this type of girls?

Shun: To say liking Tsukushi, i would say i liked Inoue Mao's acted version of Tsukushi. I think that she is a very talented actress. But personally to date her, without actually interacting, i really don't know whether we will get along. Overactive girls can sometimes be too noisy. I was actually hit by a girl once! (Laugh) In high school, i was slapped by a girl because it was so sudden, i couldn't feel it hurt. It was more like a surprise!

Shota: As a friend, that would be fine. But as a girlfriend, i probably wouldn't consider. Over passionate girls' boyfriend would need a lot of energy in order to entertain her. To be honest, i like girls that are more quiet and have a good personality.

Abe: Tsukushi is a very strong girl and i think this type of girl is quite alright. But instead of a girl who is always in a strong sitation, i think that being a soft hearted person can be even more attractive and make people feel sympathy.

Q: In the drama, F4 members all had allowances over a million yen. When you were in high school, what was your allowance like?

Shun: I had an allowance of about 5000 yen and most of it was spend on lunch. For exmaple, buying bread from convenience stores. i also worked in a nearby gas station and had a monthly salary of 55000 yen. And so in a month i had about 60000 yen for me to spend. I start working from after school, around 5pm til 10pm and worked 3 days per week. I used the money to buy clothes, because i liked skateboarding, i used quite a bit on skateboarding related goods.

Shota: i didn't have an allowance. When i need money, i just ask my parents for money or tell my mom " i wanted to buy this and that". If she said "There isn't a point in buying these things" then times like this i can't get money. (Laugh) I was recommended by a my friend and worked at a fishmonger's store. But selling fish was too tiring and quit after working for a day. Because i only worked for that one day, i didn't get paid.

Abe: I never asked my parents for an allowance. I paid for everything through getting jobs. I'd get about 10000-20000 yen a month and i would use it for lunch or go out with friends after school. I worked at a bbq store near ma home and i had to bring the food and serve it for customers.

Q: When not filming, what do you do to pass the time?

Shun: Whilst filming the drama, i also have a play going on. In the morning i have the filming of the drama, then in the afternoon from 1pm-9pm i have to rehearse for the play. Then sometimes at night, after 9pm, i have to film the drama again. My schedule is really quite packed. So when i get a break, i will take the chance and have a nap.

Shota: I talk to everyone else or practice my lines with other actors. Furthermore, i really like drinking coffee and will eat some snacks whilst drinking delicious coffee. I don't really like sweets and so don't really eat candy. I really like eating soft bread with cheese. (Laugh)

Abe: Because our designer is a very interesting person, once he is here, we will all talk. Also, when someone brings snacks to the set, i will take the chance and eat a lot!

Q: After HYD being shown on tv, what did you think when you watch it?

Shun: It is very interesting. Especially in the first and second episode, because Hanazawa Rui is a quiet character whilst the other F4 members are mean, i become the hero. (Laugh) Most of the time i am acting with Tsukushi and just have to make her feel touched. so, Tsukushi feels attracted to Hanazawa Rui gradually. I feel like a very evil character! However, from the effort i put into the first and second episode, it gets taken away by Matsumoto Jun by the third episode. (Laugh) the third episode is especially interesting because of Doumyoji's uncontrollable behaviour, even though he has a fever he still waits in the rain for Tsukushi. Just from that scene, people that felt Rui was so cool before will fall for Doumyoji! For sure!

Shota: It is my first time being in a drama, so when i see myself on tv, i feel a little embarrassed. Overall, i think that i can still improve myself. But comparing the first and second episode, i felt that by the second episode i was more natural. Maybe because i was getting used to filming. But as a an actor, i totally failed. Out of 100, i probably got 2. (Laugh)

Abe: I think that the most interesting thing from watching tv, is i get to see it from the audience's point of view and wait for the development of the story. If i had to give myself a mark out of 100, i would probably get about 50! Wait, that's not right, because Shota only got 2 points and so i should get about 0.5 point! If Shota says his acting needs improving, then i definitely need improving.

Q: Please tell a secret about another F4 member!

Shun: First, i have to say a little secret about Matsumoto Jun. That guy may seem like he is very cool, but in fact he is a very passionate person inside! When we filmed Gokusen together, i felt that he was .... but now, he gives of a manly personality. Our relationship is very good. Then Shota, he can't really drink. When F4 goes drinking, he must dilute the alcohol and he asks the waiters to "add less alcohol please". (Laugh) With Abe's age in mind, he is very mature through his thinking and appearance. Occasionally he'll act stupid but that is why he is cute. Out of the 4 people, that is the real attitude of Mimasaka Akira.

Shota: I feel that Jun has defeated everyone. He is a person that takes care of people around him really well and because he is blood type A, he will make it look perfect. Like before make up, he will put the things he needs on the table and put them in the order he will use them. (Laugh) Also, don't think because Shun is so thin, he can do upside down pushups 10 times. Well, he said this himself but no one actually saw him do it. Abe is really good at playing pool! During some free time, Abe and I went to play. At the beginning it may seem like it'll be hard to determine the winner but by the end, i can only surrender with my hands up! (Laugh)

Abe: Jun is a perfectionist who has everything done in a certain way. He is very serious about his character and always talks to the director about it. He works out in the resting room when there is free time. Shun has a really tight schedule and so whenever he has time, he will take a nap. But when we are filming, he will never show that he is tired. Then Shota, he has a scary appetite. He either eats a lot or doesn't eat at all. Maybe because we had to work all night, he ate rice cakes and fried chicken at 6am, then at 8am he ate breakfast ageain. then he ate brunch at 10am and at lunch he ate a curry bento! That really is scary!

Q: Since F4 is going to be the heirs of the big companies, they had very strict training since they were young. How was your childhood like?

Shun: I was a very noisy and active child! In a group of children, i was always the one who said "Tommorow after school, how bout we go somewhere and play!" (Laugh) There were three things that i always had, a bike, baseball glove and baseball bat. With a bike, i can go whereever i want. Although i lived in an apartment, there were small areas where we could play baseball till the sun went down. As for my parents, there were rather strict. Like table manners, being polite and never rude to girls were all rules i had to obey.

Shota: In elementary school, i had a nickname.... (sry dunno what that said) All my clothes and shoes were only from a few stores. My parents were quite strict, even the smallest rule, they would take the time to teah it to me. Like keeping elbows off the table when eating dinner, or the way to hold chopsticks or other table manners etc. For all those little things, i had many training and learning! Wanting to eat dinner and watch tv at the same time is unimaginable. Also, when i was in elementary school, i learnt kendo and when i went into middle school, i was aiming for "Tokyo University". So i signed up for tutor classes but after one year, i gave up. (laugh)

Abe: In elementary school, after school was always tutor classes for entering middle school. In middle school, i began playing basketball but because i transferred schools, except for attending classes, i didn't do anything else. My parents only had one thing they expected of me, it was "Not to be a disturbance for others". I guess i grew up under the believe and how i became me now.

Q: Girls like Shizuka and Tsubaki who are pretty, smart and wealthy, what do you think?

Shun: Of course i find them very incredible but i think they are too perfect. It will actually make it difficult to be a partner for people like them. For me, little bad points and even with small strange things make the girl even more attractive. Also, from them you can feel the beauty of regular people. I like the Shizuka who has a strong emotional sense. (Laugh)

Shota: I think that they are great! Because except for beautiful appearance, they are full of character and personality. Especially Shizuka, she aims for her goal and tries really hard to achieve it and improves herself. I don't really like those girls who only know how to spend parent's money to make themselves prettier. But if its people like Shizuka and Tsubaki, they aren't like that.

Abe: Basically they are perfect. They make people idol them from their hearts. To me, there are like stars in the sky. Even if you raise your arms, you will never reach them. But if you really like them from the bottom of your heart, even though it will be difficult, i will still try hard to get them! (Laugh)

Q: what do you think of the fashion style of F4?

Shun: I really don't know much about those brand names. When filming, the clothes that i was wearing were all authentic. For example, there was a shirt that was 140000 yen shirt and so from head to toe, i would be wearing more than 1000000 yen worth! (Laugh) but as a high school student, it isn't necessary to dress like that! (laugh) But everytime i can't wait to film because i will look at a branded shirt and say, "this really is worth 140000 yen?!?!". To me, why spend so much money on clothes when i could spend it on going on vacation or buying something that is more interesting.

Shota: If i really were wealthy, even though i am a high school student, dressing like F4 isn't that big of a deal. Even though it is very different from my surroundings, but if i was a child who grew up in those surroundings and tried to dress as normal as possible people would say, "why is he wearing his sleeping clothes?" i guess!

Abe: The only time i would be able to wear such expensive clothes, it probably when filming dramas! I had a lot of fun!

Q: In HYD, F4 members liked going to private clubs, and are good at playing mah jong, pool etc. In real life, do you have similar experiences?

Shun: I can't say skilled and really good, but have some sort of experience. (Laugh) I played mah jong with Matsumoto Jun before! I used to go to clubs quite often but now i like staying in quiet places and drink a bit. I don't really like places with really loud music, it is too noisy.

Shota: I don't know how to play mah jong. If you watch carefuly in the scene where we play mah jong, you will realize i'm a little weird. (Laugh) when i was still in england, i used to play pool with my friend everyday. But in England, no matter the pool table or the cue, the size is smaller than in Japan.

Abe: Although mah jong everyone has experience playing mah jong, the taiwanese way and the japanese way isn't quite the same. I only know how to play the taiwanese way and so japanese mah jong is a little difficult for me.

Q: When learning the different etiquettes, what did the teachers say about your performance?

Shun: In F4, i am the only one who didn't have to learn all those things because it doesn't really have anything to do with Hanazawa Rui. (Laugh)

Shota: When learning about tea making, the teacher said i had "talent" (Laugh). And dancing lessons i was average, not bad but not especially good either.

Abe: I was the same. Although i wasn't corrected by the teacher, it was just average. In dancing, i definitely wasn't as good as Jun!

Btw, thanks rararoo for the new HYD secrets that u sent me.. if anyone wants me to translate that too.. go ahead and leave me a msg..~ people here are so nice ^^
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