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LUPIN the 3rd the movie characters pictures

 photo 140409Lupinfirstpics_eiga07_zpsfad11fe9.jpg

Today were revealed images of the main cast in costumes  ^___^

The film is still being edited and should be completed by the end of June.
The production also wants to focus on overseas distribution and some clips could be presented to the 67 Cannes Film Festival (as was done for Captain Harlock ^^, but it is still to be decided).
According to the film producer Yamamoto they have tried to give an image of the characters closer to the current reality, making changes to their comic-book form, like Lupin's sideburns that aren't in the movie.

 photo 140409Lupinfirstpics_eiga01_zps7408f93f.jpg

 photo 140409Lupinfirstpics_eiga02_zpsf3e5c6b8.jpg

 photo 140409Lupinfirstpics_eiga03_zpsa2ac0a9f.jpg

 photo 140409Lupinfirstpics_eiga05_zpsd4999bc2.jpg

 photo 140409Lupinfirstpics_eiga04_zpsab157e5a.jpg

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Also the official website has been updated with new photos and a wallpaper gitf ---> Lupin the movie
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