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NEW DRAMA: Ouroboros

Ohayo! Hisashiburi!!
There would be many things to update: the theater, the premiere of Lupin and much more, but unfortunately I have little time, so let's go with the main.


It has not yet been officially confirmed, but almost XDDD

It looks like Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma will star in the television adaptation of the manga Ouroboros -Keisatsu o Sabaku wa Ware ni Ari- by Yuya Kanzaki and will air on TBS by January

The story is about Ikuo Ryūzaki and Tatsuya Danno, both orphans, who have sworn revenge against an organization that, during their childhood, caused the death of someone very dear to them that they called Sensei and also against the corrupt police system who, at the time, was negligent with regard to this murder case.

Ryūzaki become a police detective, while Danno becomes the leader of a gang of yakuza. Secretly together, they bring forward their plan to make collapse the corrupt police system and the criminal organization against whom swore revenge.

I wonder who will be the cop and who yakuza….

We are used to seeing Ogurin in role as a cop, it would be nice to see him instead on the other side XDDDD

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