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Lupin the 3rd has been officially released.

140830 Lupin first day release_natalie 01

The movie was officially released in 307 theaters across Japan  ^_____^

The event took place in front of an audience of 4000 people at the TOHO Cinema in Tokyo.

On stage Oguri/Lupin said he wanted to “steal first place in the ranking of the Box Office this weekend”.

Director Kitamura stated that there is the possibility of one or two sequels, if this first film will have a good success (such as the series The Avengers), and that this first movie is thought of as a prologue and that he would like to also think about a spin-off about Zenigata.

The film will be released in 23 countries overseas.

You can see more photos  here, here, and here.

Stage greetins are already programmed for September 9 at Toho Cinema in Roppongi Hills.
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Ouroboros is official!!!!

It 's official!!!
Ouroboros -Keisatsu o Sabaku wa Ware ni Ari- by Yuya Kanzaki becoma a drama.

Oguri Shun will play the role of the yakuza Tatsuya Danno and Ikuta Toma will play the detective Ikuo Ryuzaki.
The director will be Yasuharu Ishii (Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~ Ending Planner ~, Runaway, Juui Dolittle, Smile, Ryusei no Kizuna, Kurosagi, Hana Yori Dango) and the screenwriter is Furuya Osho or Kazunao (LIAR GAME, Galileo, Ninkyo Helper, PRICELESS, Mei-chan's Butler, S-saigo no keikan)
From January on TBS.

Credits for pic to ARincoS04, news:, cinema today

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NEW DRAMA: Ouroboros

Ohayo! Hisashiburi!!
There would be many things to update: the theater, the premiere of Lupin and much more, but unfortunately I have little time, so let's go with the main.


It has not yet been officially confirmed, but almost XDDD

It looks like Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma will star in the television adaptation of the manga Ouroboros -Keisatsu o Sabaku wa Ware ni Ari- by Yuya Kanzaki and will air on TBS by January

The story is about Ikuo Ryūzaki and Tatsuya Danno, both orphans, who have sworn revenge against an organization that, during their childhood, caused the death of someone very dear to them that they called Sensei and also against the corrupt police system who, at the time, was negligent with regard to this murder case.

Ryūzaki become a police detective, while Danno becomes the leader of a gang of yakuza. Secretly together, they bring forward their plan to make collapse the corrupt police system and the criminal organization against whom swore revenge.

I wonder who will be the cop and who yakuza….

We are used to seeing Ogurin in role as a cop, it would be nice to see him instead on the other side XDDDD

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Lupin The Third official long trailer

Old news by now anyway..... here's the new trailer for Lupin the Third, the movie

The theme song was created by Tomoyasu Hotei
all of you probably remember him for this song ---> go this way

The new song is titled TRICK ATTACK and you can hear it in the second part of the trailer (remember a lot of the anime).

Meanwhile the practic for stageplay "On Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" are proceeding quickly and the drama BORDER (a very good work) ended with good ratings recovering the beginning a little uncertain XDDD
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A baby Oguri is coming ^________^

 photo wedding03_zps2aac2cf9.jpg

Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu will become parents.
Her agency issued a statement declaring that Yamada is in her sixth month of pregnancy.
The birth is scheduled for September and in preparation for childbirth Yamada has cut her hair.
Obviously both prospective parents are in seventh heaven XDDD

Omedetou gozaimashita!!!



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And the official poster for Lupin the Third, the movie XDD

 photo 140530Lupinofficialposter_zps7c4dd645.jpg
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Nobunaga Concerto

 photo 140508fujiTvedit_zpsbd2439a9.jpg

New drama and movie for Oguri Shun, adapted from the manga Nobunaga Concerto (Ayumi Ishii).
He will be the protagonist and play the dual role of Oda Nobunaga and the young Saburo.
The drama will air in October, while the movie has not yet a date.
Oguri said that "sooner or later in life, I would like to play the role of Nobunaga."

However Saburo is a high school student... so we'll see Shun still in school uniform??? At 31 years???
It will be fun XDDD

Sanspo, animenewsnetwork

PS. Ogurin had recommended the reading of this manga in the book lovers corner of tv show "King Brunch" in March of this year ^^
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LUPIN the 3rd the movie characters pictures

 photo 140409Lupinfirstpics_eiga07_zpsfad11fe9.jpg

Today were revealed images of the main cast in costumes  ^___^

The film is still being edited and should be completed by the end of June.
The production also wants to focus on overseas distribution and some clips could be presented to the 67 Cannes Film Festival (as was done for Captain Harlock ^^, but it is still to be decided).
According to the film producer Yamamoto they have tried to give an image of the characters closer to the current reality, making changes to their comic-book form, like Lupin's sideburns that aren't in the movie.

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Also the official website has been updated with new photos and a wallpaper gitf ---> Lupin the movie